Tools for Activists

Like any good movement, tools help activists accomplish more. We're linking below to some important tools that may help you make more calls, write more letters and get more good work done together! Some of these are external tools, so we're providing these as helpful items only.


Register to VOTE

THE most important thing is to be a registered voter. It's the way you make a difference in the status of your Members of Congress and your NC General Assembly members. Get registered NOW!


The 65

The 65 works to make Congress work for us by mobilizing to speak for values of diversity, inclusion and equality. This tools offers a weekly call to action and allows you to easily call leaders to make your opinion heard by your representatives.



Resistbot helps you turn text messages into daily letters to Congress! Your message will be counted. 


5Calls helps you track your activism and calls in an app. It respects your time and helps you make 5 short calls in 5 minutes.  


Countable is an app for your smartphone that also helps you get updates on lawmakers and developments in the issues you care about. It'll help you make calls and write letters as well.