Indivisible Piedmont has a number of teams that help to make the whole group function better. If you'd like to contribute your time and energy to help us, please join our Slack team, and then get engaged with a team that aligns to your strengths and desire to help!



This team coordinates direct actions in the form of letters, office visits, town halls, call campaigns for our Members of Congress (MoC's). This effort is vital to help MoC's understand the opinions and stances of their constituents. Action is geared toward respectful, polite, but firm declaration and expression of our beliefs and advocacy is encouraged. It's helpful for members of this team to be available periodically during the day to attend daytime hours for meetings with MoC staff in our local area.

Direct Action

This team helps reach out to like-minded organizations in our area working on similar actions, with similar goals, or works to reach underserved/underrepresented areas and people. The members of this team should be people-oriented, able to communicate well with others, and ready to share about Indivisible Piedmont's mission!


This team performs research on topics that matter to our community. It's a common rhythm to support our weekly actions by having talking points with citations, statistics and non-alternative facts from reputable and well-vetted and confirmed news and research sources. This team also helps prepare talking points and the basis for call/letter scripts that assist our entire membership in sharing our views. Members of this team should be comfortable with internet and other forms of research, and should be good written communicators.


The tech team works to support all the other teams and IP as a whole. The team helps provide content for the site, updates content on the site, maintains our email newsletter, Slack team, Facebook presence and beyond. If it's digital, this team is engaged.