But We've Never Seen Anything Like This!

It's so true. The administration of 45 is unlike anything our country has ever experienced. For those of us who have worked on campaigns, volunteered for candidates, done community organizing, etc., it's as though all the "rules" we thought we knew were thrown out overnight, and we're struggling in a new world of hourly outrages, all of which are serious, yet none of which seem to be serious enough to derail the Trump train: at least not yet.

At our most recent large group meeting, we did a check-in with everyone to see how folks are feeling after almost 5 months of living in this new environment. We asked for a number and a word. The number range was from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning you felt completely dis-empowered, and 10 meaning you felt the most powerful you've ever felt. The word you chose backed up your number. Not surprisingly, there were no 10s.

People are tired, concerned, lonely, and worried. Some feel the resistance movement is already beginning to fade. In this way, our current situation is not new territory. New movements often have big starts, and then fizzle when the first round of eager volunteers tire out.

But we have been here before, and so Indivisible Piedmont NC isn't panicking about changes in group leadership. We aren't going to make anyone feel guilty for having issues in their personal lives that keep them from being as involved as they would like. We know that movements are living, breathing organisms that go through changes, and no movement can work at a fevered pitch forever. 

What we do have are thousands of people who have linked to our social media sites. Each day, folks have an opportunity to take an action that usually only requires a few minutes to complete. If you never before made phone calls to your member of congress, one phone call a week - done by thousands of people like you - means that resistance continues. Your life may be so full at the moment that you could never get away to do a public action, but each of the small gestures you take has great impact when there are thousands of us making them.

Resistance can sometimes look like a raging river, especially when we gather for large public actions. But resistance will most often be more like a steady drip on granite. We may not see immediate change, but we will wear down the rock. There are thousands of Indivisible groups around the country, and thousands of other progressive groups, all doing the work of resisting.

We are powerful. We are not alone. We are the resistance.