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Getting engaged with Indivisible Piedmont is easy. We offer a number of ways to work with us, so that we accommodate your interests, abilities and time. We value your time and attention, so here are a few easy ways to get started.


Find Your Representative

Indivisible is based on taking action - calls, letters, postcards - with YOUR member of Congress and your representatives in the NC General Assembly. Find yours now


Watch the Indivisible Movement Intro Video

This short video will help introduce you to Indivisible and learn how to resist. It's worth your time to be grounded in our foundations.


Download and read the Indivisible Guide

We are guided by the Indivisible Guide. It's important reading that helps understand how we operate.

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Want more? 

You could see our community calendar, in partnership with other groups in our area,  check out our other social media channels,(like our Indivisible Forsyth County closed group, and our Indivisible Guilford County closed group), our Twitter feed, and YouTube Channel),  find out about our teams, and get engaged with our real-time communication method, Slack.