Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Indivisible Piedmont's Mission?

We oppose much of what Donald Trump's election represents in our country and state. We formed in 2017 to advocate for our democracy with our elected representatives in the US Congress and NC General Assembly. We are a grassroots organization led by constituent citizens. Our mission is to:

  • oppose the extremist Trump agenda
  • oppose federal legislation which threatens and damages our democracy and institutions
  • support all of us, but not at the expense of some of us
  • oppose extremist legislation in the NC General Assembly and support legislation that benefits the citizens of the state and grows democracy
  • and do all this by direct actions with our US House Representatives, US Senators, and NC General Assembly members

+ How do I join?

You can join Indivisible Piedmont by signing into our website here, and join our email newsletter and we'll keep you informed and up to date. We protect and value your time and privacy and only use your information to keep you informed about our movement and activities. Get started here. You can also find resources to follow us on social media on that page, or using the links in our footer!

+ Why should I join?

If you are unhappy with the current local and national political situation, if you are scared, angry or afraid about that or know someone who is, and you want to resist in an ethical, organized and effective way, Indivisible Piedmont is the group to join. We help you reach out to government officials with letters, call scripts, town hall meetings, and local government staff meetings.

+ What happens after I join?

We're thrilled you're here! We are ALL indivisible. Thanks for taking that first step! We are a committed and focused group of citizens, and we ask that you continue to take steps to participate in YOUR democracy with us. Citizenship is not a spectator sport and we are involved in our local political community. We want you to participate in daily calls to your member of congress (MOC) and to send letters or postcards, as well as join us at meetings and town halls that you can. WE are the movement. WE are The People. That fact requires our daily actions and commitment to resist the creeping erosion of our democratic institutions.

+ Do you have regular meetings?

Yes, we do have "big group" meetings from time to time. We also support rallies, town halls, protest events, direct actions, public official meetings and more. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in any of them that you can! You'll find meeting dates on our calendar.

+ What else can I do?

Show up to as many events as you can - but remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You must sprint, but only short bursts are incredibly effective, when chained together with persistence! Join the town halls. Make a donation to one of your favorite charities like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the NAACP, or the Southern Poverty Law Center. These organizations are going the extra mile to help those affected by this administration. We will also have donations available online to support the work and expenses of Indivisible Piedmont soon. The most important thing you can do is VOTE. Every election, every time. And encourage your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others of legal voting status to vote. And help get other voters registered to vote.

+ How often should I be calling or writing or showing up?

We think you should probably be calling every day if possible. There are so many issues to call about. Some helpful tools to guide your calls are:

We'll also have daily call scripts on our website and you can call from your phone at your convenience. The most important thing to remember is ABC: Always Be Calling, on every issue. Otherwise, how will the MOC know how you feel, think and believe? How can they be effective in representing you if they don't know?

Common Misconceptions

+ Myth #1: We're a secret operation of the democratic party

While many of Indivisible's members may be democrats, we welcome all who seek decision-maker influence through local grassroots policy action, by citizens who are constituents of our US House, US Senate and NC House & Senate members. This as about big D Democracy, not Democrats as a party. We are a big tent here at Indivisible. While it's possible we may from time to time collaborate with Democrats in the area, it's in affecting change by our leadership, and we absolutely welcome Republicans and others disaffected by this administration and our state leadership. This isn't about PARTY, it's about democracy itself.

+ Myth #2: Are you paid or how are you funded?

Any assertion that we receive funds from outside sources is pure fiction. We are working on accepting donations, but we are entirely self-funded, and our participation and action as citizens and constituents of our elected US House, US Senate, NC House and NC Senate representatives is completely as a volunteer citizenry.

+ Myth #3: If you lost the election, why are you still acting/protesting

Indivisible Piedmont has a core value of being polite, civil and respectful. We seek the same in our leadership in Congress and the NC legislature. We also see injustice, oppression and poor management of resources, and cannot turn a blind eye to them - so we act! But always with civility and respect. We are here to raise our voices for democracy itself. We're not here to riot, cause damage or harm relationships. We're here to be heard, to make sure that others know that we've been heard, or when not, to raise attention to that lack of hearing being provided by our elected officials. In other words, we will not simply go sit quietly in the corner. We stand up for the little guy and gal, even if the little guy and gal didn't win this time. Perhaps one day, you yourself might be the little guy or gal needing someone to stand up and care about you too.

+ Myth #4: Isn't it a waste of time to call, visit MOC's or write letters?

Absolutely not. Myth busted! This approach - writing letters, making calls, visiting in person - is perhaps THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to effect change in the minds and hearts of our representatives. Making your voice and opinions known to YOUR representatives (remember, they work for YOU) is how democracy works most effectively. Your official might not change his or her mind just because you ask once, even with a compelling story, but MANY calls, letters, videos, office visits and VOTES are the most effective way to influence your MOC.