THURSDAY 03/01/18



Just this week, we found out the following about Jared Kushner:

- his security clearance was downgraded because he can't be cleared for a permanent security clearance;

- at least four countries had discussed how to use Kushner's inexperience, financial troubles & business arrangements to manipulate him;

- Kushner's family business received millions of dollars in loans from two companies after they took part in White House meetings with him.

Kushner poses is a threat to our national security, so how long is this administration and the congress going to allow this man to continue to serve in the White House?


Kushner's group got millions in loans:


Hi, my name is _____, from zip code _____. I am calling to express my outrage that Jared Kushner is still serving in this administration after the revelations that came out just this week. How has he maintained his top position, for over a year, without the proper security clearance while John Kelly and others knew he would never be able to obtain a permanent security clearance? Now we also know that at least four countries discussed how to use Kushner's inexperience, financial troubles and shady business deal to manipulate him. And to top it off, Kushner's family business received millions of dollars in loans from two companies after they took part in White House meeting with him. It's past time that congress steps up to protect our national security and to call out the obvious corruption in this administration. Will Senator/Rep _________ finally stand up for us and publicly call for the immediate dismissal of Jared Kushner?  I am angry and expect my elected officials to start holding this administration accountable. Please take down my contact info so you can get back to me on this. Thank you.



On the January 29th deadline to implement Russian sanctions passed into law by Congress, the Trump administration announced it has decided to not implement new sanctions, stating "If the law is working, sanctions on specific entities or individuals will not need to be imposed because the legislation is, in fact, serving as a deterrent."

The law codifies Obama era sanctions imposed by executive order at the end of last year, extending sanctions to individuals engaged in malicious cyber activity or selling weapons to the Assad regime in Syria, and it defines new sanctions to be enforced against Iran for violations of human rights and continuing weapons program activities. Critically, the bill gives Congress the ability to review and reject any proposed lifting of sanctions against Russia by the Trump Administration.

In light of the President’s continued inability to draw a clear line with Putin and implement the sanctions, it is important to keep visibility and momentum on this critical check on the Administration’s power in dealing with Russia.


Hi, my name is _______, from zip code _______.  I’m calling to demand that Senator/Rep ________ call on President Trump to implement the Russian Sanctions signed into law in August 2017. Trump's decision to not identify or implement sanctions against Russian organizations and individuals is unacceptable and disregards the will of the public and Congress. It undermines the confidence we have that our government will protect us from further foreign interference and sends a message to Russia that we will not respond to their cyber warfare. Will Senator/Rep ______ demand that Trump follow the law and implement the Russia sanctions immediately? Thank you.


Senator Richard Burr

Washington, DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (336) 631-5125


Senator Thom Tillis

Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342 

High Point: (336) 885-0685



Rep. Virginia Foxx

Clemmons, NC (336) 778-0211

Washington, DC (202) 225-2071


Rep. Ted Budd

Advance, NC (336) 998-1313

Washington, DC (202-225-4531


Rep. Mark Walker

Greensboro, NC (336) 333-5005

Washington, DC (202) 225-3065