FRIDAY 02/09/18


Block Trump from Banning Immigrants from Using Social Services:

[Adapted from] Trump has proposed a new rule that would limit the ability of immigrants to access social services. The rule wouldn’t make it illegal for immigrants to use public services that are open to everyone regardless of immigration status, or that are available to their US-born children. But it would make it possible for the government to deny their applications for a new type of visa, or a green card, if they’d used those services. In other words, it could force them to choose between taking advantage of available social services, and their family’s future ability to stay in the United States permanently.

The Trump administration wants to give officials the power to look at use of the following benefits:

- some “educational benefits,” including use of Head Start for children

- Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

- use of any subsidies, or purchase of subsidized insurance, under the Affordable Care Act

- food stamps

- Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) assistance

- Housing benefits, like Section 8

- Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Using any of these for more than six months in the last two years, before applying for a different visa or a green card, would be considered a “heavily weighted” strike against the immigrant.




Hello, I am a constituent calling from zip code _________ to urge Sen./Rep. ____________ to oppose a policy being proposed by the Trump administration that would block immigrants from using social services such as WIC, CHIP, and Head Start. The proposed policy states that if immigrants use these programs for more than six months over a two-year period, they would receive a “heavily-weighted strike” against them. Please oppose this proposed policy. Thank you for taking my call.


Senator Richard Burr

Washington, DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (336) 631-5125


Senator Thom Tillis

Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342 

High Point: (336) 885-0685



Rep. Virginia Foxx

Clemmons, NC (336) 778-0211

Washington, DC (202) 225-2071


Rep. Ted Budd

Advance, NC (336) 998-1313

Washington, DC (202-225-4531


Rep. Mark Walker

Greensboro, NC (336) 333-5005

Washington, DC (202) 225-3065



The GOP Class-Size Fix Trojan Horse:

Once again, the NC GOP is playing political games with our children. They have drafted a bill that would temporarily delay the unfunded K-5 class-size mandates the GOP passed last year. But as usual, they’ve thrown in a few wrinkles that make this bill untenable:

First, the bill does nothing to address the shortage of classroom space this bill would create. So essentially, despite the the slower phase-in of class-size requirements, this bill is still an unfunded mandate. Second, the bill still does not address teacher shortages or the issue that North Carolina’s spending per pupil still runs well below the national average.

Finally, the bill packages with it two other major changes that have nothing to do with education or class-size. It alters the makeup of the State Board of Elections, adding a ninth member who would be appointed by the governor from a list provided by the NCGA. It also re-allocates $58 million intended for Governor Cooper’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline mitigation fund, money which would have been used to address any environmental damage caused by the pipeline. The result is a mixed bag that is essentially meant to put Democrats in a bind. If they vote against the bill, the NC GOP will run ads saying the Dems voted against school funding. If they vote for it, they are supporting a bill that could be used to rig the State Board of Elections in favor of Republicans. So let’s call and push back against the Republican political shell game.

Sample script:

Hello, I am a constituent from ___________ alling to urge Sen./Rep. ____________ not to support HB 90 as it is currently written. I think the bill addresses many of the major concerns the class-size mandate; however, these fixes should not be lumped in with an effort to rewrite our election rules. Please work to remove the components of HB 90 that change the makeup of the State Board of Elections. I also want you to remove the provision that takes away $58 million from Governor Cooper’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline mitigation fund. Thank you for taking my call.


NC Senate


NC House


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Indivisible Forsyth NC Group meeting:


Please join us next Thursday, Feb. 15th. Our guest speaker is Kim Porter, Community Organizer with NC WARN. Kim will explain NC CLEAN PATH 2025, and will update us on the status of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and it's impact on our environment. You don't want to miss this!

We will also be discussing our focus for 2018, and future actions. Hope to see you all there!