THURSDAY 01/18/18



The following op-ed appeared yesterday in The Hill written by Thom Tillis. You have to read it to believe it. It is about the nomination of Thomas Farr. Just a paragraph to get you started:

"Since the moment Mr. Farr was nominated, he has been the subject of a coordinated and viciously dishonest smear campaign from the far-left designed to tank his confirmation. The opposition is rooted in both ideological objections to the clients Mr. Farr has defended, as well as the political posturing of politicians on the left."

It gets worse, but I'll let you see for yourself -


Here are some FACTS about Thomas Farr:

Farr represented the Helms campaign in 1984, when it circulated photos of his opponent, Gov. Jim Hunt, with African-American leaders in an attempt to foster white resentment. The racist nature of that campaign was so pronounced that a federal court cited it as an example of how bigotry in elections continued to flourish in North Carolina politics.


Farr served as a lead counsel to Helms’ 1990 Senate campaign, which ran the now-infamous “White Hands” television ad, designed to inflame white voter anxiety over Helms’ black opponent, Harvey Gantt. It showed a pair of white hands balling up a rejection letter while a voice said: “You needed that job and you were the best qualified. But they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota.” The same campaign also sent more than 100,000 intimidating postcards to North Carolinians, most of whom were blacks eligible to vote.


Farr helped North Carolina's Republcan-led legislature create and defend in court a North Carolina voter ID law that prevented an estimated 30,000 voters from participating on the 2014 election. A federal court found the law unconstitutional because it was designed "with almost surgical precision" to discourage black voters from voting.


Farr defended North Carolina's gerrymandered political districts, which the Supreme Court found to be unconstitutional because they were drawn to dilute black voters’ electoral impact.




Script for Tillis:

Hi, my name is ______ from zip code ______. I'm calling to let Senator Tillis know how absolutely outraged I am about his remarks in the op-ed published in The Hill yesterday. First, how dare he say the Dems and left are politicizing the judicial process? Remember Merrick Garland? Does Senator Tillis believe we don't remember him helping to keep a Supreme Court position opened for over a year by not even allowing a hearing? We remember.

Second, we are opposing a lifetime position for Thomas Farr on his record in North Carolina. The fact that Farr has a long history in helping craft and defend unconstitutional voter suppression laws and racial gerrymandering. Farr's work with Jessie Helms, where he participated in racist tactics to intimidate African-American voters, should alone be a reason to reject his nomination.

So, is Senator Tillis saying that he supports the work Farr did with Helms? If so, can we assume that the Senator supports the connections to Helms' white supremacist causes? This is an important question, as it speaks volumes on the Senators own character.  Thank you for taking my call.


Senator Thom Tillis

Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342 

High Point: (336) 885-0685


Twitter: @SenThomTillis




Judicial Gerrymandering:

Our friends at Progress NC have put together an action on judicial gerrymandering, in which you can email your state lawmakers to tell them you disapprove. Progress NC is doing some great work, and this is a good opportunity to amplify our voices. Feel free to follow up with a call or add to or edit the email, but this a quick action we can all do: