THURSDAY 9/7/2017


Tie Debt Ceiling to Harvey Relief:

On Wednesday, Democratic Congressional leaders pushed this idea, and got support from an unexpected source: Donald Trump, even after Paul Ryan tore the plan to pieces. What are the motivations of the president? Is he just trying to settle scores with the GOP? Or is he actually being reasonable? Either way, we will take it. The Republicans typically use imminent shutdowns as a chance to hold the nation hostage, but now that the tables are turned, the irony and opportunity cannot be missed. The Republicans, for now, just lost a major negotiating tool. As loath as we may be to support the Donald, the dream of a unified government passing sweeping legislation is dying before our eyes. Background:


I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Rep./Sen. ___________ to support the plan to raise the debt ceiling while also aiding victims of Hurricane Harvey. This plan has the endorsement of Congressional Democrats as well as the president. It is critical that storm relief begin immediately. Just as critical is keeping our government operational. Thanks for taking my call.

Protect DACA:

We all know the score here: despite soft-pedaling this with anemic protestations that he “cares” for DACA beneficiaries, Trump played right to his base with this one. And while some in Congress will be nativists to their rotten cores, many observers think that the DREAM Act would pass tomorrow, if only leadership in Congress would get it to the floor for a vote. So while there are many proposals out there with a myriad of nuances, at the end of the day, we need to push for comprehensive immigration reform. That starts with supporting the DREAM Act. Background:


I am a constituent calling from ________ to urge Rep./Sen. _________ to support the DREAM Act. The clock is ticking on beneficiaries of DACA. To leave 800,000 innocent young people in legal limbo would be the height of cruelty. Thanks for taking my call.


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Thank Josh Stein for Joining the DACA Suit:

On Wednesday, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein joined fifteen other states in suing the Trump administration for ending DACA. While this action is an uphill battle, it does help to highlight the injustice of Trump’s actions. It also sends a message to the world that North Carolina is not just Berger, Moore, and extremists like Speciale. We in fact have a long and storied tradition of principled liberalism. Background:


I am a North Carolinian writing/calling to thank the Attorney General for joining other states in bringing a suit against the Trump administration for ending DACA. I stand with Dreamers, and I stand with Josh Stein.

Tweet at Josh Stein: @JoshStein_

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