MONDAY 9/25/2017


Let’s Finally Kill ZombieCare

The Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal and replace circus disaster hit some major stumbling blocks this weekend, as now Ted Cruz joins Rand Paul and John McCain in opposition, with Murkowski and Collins leaning heavily no as well. Math and time are both against the GOP, but we have been here before, and me must not rest until midnight on September 30th, the deadline for budget reconciliation. After that, any bill will have to pass the 60-vote threshold and will be, by default, bipartisan in nature. At any rate, both of our Senators and most of our reps are for this cold-hearted, illogical repeal that would hurt millions, is opposed by every conceivable medical stakeholder, and would help no-one but a few politicians whose sole agenda is to erase the legacy of Barack Obama. If you feel adventurous and want to veer from the script, get staffers to explain to you why Tillis, Burr, and others support this bill. Then remind them that you will not forget when you go into the ballot box.

Hello, I am a constituent calling from _________________ to urge Sen. __________________ to vote against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. North Carolina alone will lose $8.7 billion in Medicaid funding, and thousands of North Carolina citizens will lose their health insurance as a result of this bill. In fact, 32 million people across the U.S. will lose insurance coverage, while premiums would double over the next decade. It will also cut protections for those people with pre-existing conditions. This is an especially cruel bill and goes against the values of our nation. I want Sen. _____________ to vote against Graham-Cassidy. Thank you for taking my call.


Who Will Call Out Trump’s Belligerence Toward North Korea?

Over the weekend, when he wasn’t insulting professional athletes, Trump once again recklessly tweeted about a North Korean official, saying that the country and its leaders may not “be around much longer” if they keep threatening the United States. We keep hearing these empty threats that are not even worthy of a playground bully, and we keep noticing that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ramps up his responses, accelerates his nuclear and conventional weapons programs, and and psychologically prepares his people and the world for an all-out war. Meanwhile, outside of the usual patriots Schiff, Waters, Gillibrand, et al, the sound coming out of Washington about the terrifying prospect of nuclear armageddon is a the thundering sound of silence. How so called leaders can remain quiet in the face of an unnecessary escalation of war rhetoric is shameful. Where are the so-called grownups, John Kelly and H.R. McMaster? And above all, where is Congress?


I am a constituent calling from __________ to ask if Rep. Sen. _________ has any response to or concerns about president Trump’s continued verbal escalation of the conflict with North Korea. Insults, taunts, and empty threats against an unstable, nuclear armed nation are highly irresponsible acts. Does the Rep./Sen. Have any comment or position relative to North Korea? Will he/she speak out against this unnecessary and immature escalation by our president? Thanks for taking my call.


Aid and Provisions to Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is bound by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Ley de Cabotaje) to only accept goods from vessels which are under the US flag through US ports. Puerto Rican ports are NOT considered US ports, meaning goods have to go to the mainland first. It increases the arrival time and cost of items coming in to the island.
Urge your congress people and senators (especially New Yorkers) to aid in petition of an exemption of this restriction until the island can recover. It's done through homeland security approval and there is precedent of approval during Hurricane Katrina. Make the phones ring off the hook!

Puerto Rico está obligado por la Ley de la Marina Mercante de 1920 (Ley de Cabotaje) a aceptar solamente el bien de buques que están bajo la bandera estadounidense a través de los puertos de los Estados Unidos. Puertos puertorriqueños no son considerados puertos de los Estados Unidos, lo que significa que los bienes tienen que ir al continente primero. Aumenta el tiempo de llegada y el costo de los artículos que llegan a la isla.
Exhorte a sus congresistas y senadores (especialmente los neoyorquinos) a que ayuden en la petición de una exención de esta restricción hasta que la isla pueda recuperarse. Se hace a través de la aprobación de seguridad nacional y hay precedente de aprobación durante el huracán Katrina. Hagamos sonar esos los teléfonos!

DC: (202) 224-6342
Charlotte: 704-509-9087
Greenville: (252) 329-0371
Hendersonville: (828) 693-8750
High Point: (336) 885-0685
Raleigh: (919) 856-4630

DC: (202) 224-3154
Winston-Salem: (800) 685-8916
Rocky Mount: (252) 977-9522
Wilmington: (888) 848-1833, (336) 631-5125
Asheville: (828) 350-2437