FRIDAY 9/22/2017


Graham-Cassidy and the “Kimmel Test:”

When late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel have a better grasp on healthcare policy than our elected officials, we’re in a bad place. When those same elected officials endorse legislation that takes affordable healthcare away from millions of Americans, we are in a truly awful place. We all know how this works, but many GOP leaders are cynically pretending that taking healthcare away from millions is about freedom. You know a health care bill is bad when even the insurance industry opposes it. Let’s make sure Tillis and Burr know this bill in unacceptable. 

Hello, I am a constituent calling from _________________ to urge Sen. __________________ to vote against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. North Carolina alone will lose $8.7 billion in Medicaid funding, and thousands of North Carolina citizens will lose their health insurance as a result of this bill. In fact, 32 million people across the U.S. will lose insurance coverage, while premiums would double over the next decade. It will also cut protections for those people with pre-existing conditions. This is an especially cruel bill and goes against the values of our nation. I want Sen. _____________ to vote against Graham-Cassidy. Thank you for taking my call.



Thank Governor Cooper for joining the U.S. Climate Alliance

Governor Cooper once again showed terrific leadership in supporting the interests of North Carolina citizens by joining the U.S. Climate Alliance. The Climate Alliance is a bipartisan response to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. It is committed to U.S. states stepping forward to reach their share of the U.S. greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in the Paris Agreement. Governor Cooper has also taken some incredible steps to foster the growth of solar energy after our previous governor (R-Duke Energy) worked so hard to preserve our dangerous reliance on fossil fuels. Let’s thank the Governor for taking this progressive stance on our environment.

Hello, I am a constituent calling from ________________ to thank Governor Cooper for joining the U.S. Climate Alliance. I am excited to see that he is working hard to do our share to match the targets of the Paris Climate Accords. Please let the governor know that I will continue to enthusiastically support him if he implements policies that will protect our environment. Thank you for taking my call.