THURSDAY 9/21/2017


Graham-Cassidy Gains Momentum:

The Senate narrowly voted down a straight repeal and BCRA, so what do they propose next? An even worse bill! Sadly, they are rushing to beat the September 30th reconciliation deadline, and we have no independent analysis from the CBO. Senator Cassidy has been spreading the patently false idea that this bill will cover more people than the “status quo,” i.e. Obamacare, but most observers estimate some 32 million will lose coverage, and states will be able to ditch care for pre-existing conditions. It seems inevitable that our slavishly sycophantic Senators will vote however leadership tells them to vote, even though our state legislature is notoriously free market when it comes to health care. Nevertheless, we press on. Remind them of the suffering this bill would create. Note how unpopular BCRA was, and let them know that we will never forget it if they vote for this bill. Background:…/latest-gop-effort-to-replace-obamacare…

Hello, I am a constituent calling from _________________ to urge Sen. __________________ to vote against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. North Carolina alone will lose $8.7 billion in Medicaid funding, and thousands of North Carolina citizens will lose their health insurance as a result of this bill. In fact, 32 million people across the U.S. will lose insurance coverage, while premiums would double over the next decade. It will also cut protections for those people with pre-existing conditions. This is an especially cruel bill and goes against the values of our nation. I want Sen. _____________ to vote against Graham-Cassidy. Thank you for taking my call.

Protect the Mueller Investigation:

Recent revelations in the New York Times and CNN confirm that Mueller and his team are closing in on the big fish: Donald Trump himself. Analysts predict an indictment on one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort, and by all accounts, Manafort is going to pressured to “flip” on higher-ups, including the president himself. We all watched with horror as Trump cavalierly used his pardon power to let the decidedly evil Joe Arpaio off the hook, and many are concerned that Trump will do whatever it takes to protect himself for censure, impeachment, and even prosecution. This is why it is critically important that the Senate pass one of two bipartisan measures coming up for debate next week that will add an additional layer of oversight to any termination of the special counsel’s office. Our own Thom Tillis is a sponsor of one; note the separate script for him. Either way, we must not let the Russian investigations slip off our radar completely. Background:…/article174428711.html

Script for Tillis:
I am a constituent calling from _________ to thank Senator Tillis for introducing the Special Counsel Integrity Act. I agree that the Mueller investigation faces a distinct threat from the president, and I applaud Senator Tillis for bipartisan leadership on this important matter of national security. Thanks for taking my call.

Script for Burr and for Reps:
I am a constituent calling from __________ to urge Senator Burr/Rep. __________ to support one of two measures now under consideration in the Senate that would put additional safeguards against the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Senator Tillis sponsors one of these bills, and I urge Senator Burr/Rep. __________ to follow his bipartisan leadership on this matter of critical national security. Thanks for taking my call.

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