MONDAY 9/18/2017


Oppose Graham-Cassidy:

Talk about Zombie bills! We can’t believe we are writing this, but it seems as if TrumpCare will never die, and this new version, while not yet scored by the CBO, is estimated to remove some 32 million from the insurance rolls. Some sources will tell you that this is a more moderate bill, but tucked into its provisions is a clause that would let states opt out of covering pre-existing conditions. Given the current makeup of our General Assembly, that sounds like a death sentence for thousands of North Carolinians. Vote counts are tough to predict, but the last version was defeated only by the last-second downturned thumb of John McCain. In order to pass this bill under reconciliation, the GOP must get it done by September 30th, so prepare yourself for a wild couple of weeks. Many groups are focusing on the usual group of moderate Senators, along with the consistently independent Rand Paul, but we are going to ask that you call our Senators. After all, they represent us, and we want to serve notice to them that we will be watching how they vote closely. Background and more information provided by our good friends at Together We Will, NC:

I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Senator ______________ to oppose the Graham-Cassidy health care proposal. Once again, the Senate is considering a bill with no public hearings and no input from the minority party, in order to pass “something” before the September 30th reconciliation expires. This bill has not been scored by the CBO, and should not even be considered until it has, but estimates are that up to 32 million could lose coverage. That number is unconscionable and should cause the Senator to reject this bill out of hand. Thanks for taking my call.

Call for the Creation of a 9/11-Style Commission to Investigate Russian Election Meddling:

A pair of Senators, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, and Republican Lindsey Graham, are promoting a bill to create a commission whose work would go far beyond the investigative committees in the House and the Senate already looking into Russian hacking. This new body would enlist experts in the field, and would inquire into how Russia systematically intrudes into elections around the world. In addition, this commission would broadly survey the current capabilities and vulnerabilities in our election system, and would recommend changes to safeguard the process in future elections. We now know that Russia used fake Facebook accounts and other forms of so-called soft hacking, and may have penetrated voting machines themselves. We must not let another election cycle happen before we undertake this painful but necessary inquiry. Background:…/350859-senators-move-to-create-nationa…

I am a constituent calling from _________ to urge Sen./Rep. ____________ to support the creation of a 9/11-style commission to investigate Russian interference in elections around the world, and to analyze and strengthen our voting system in order to safeguard against what will be certain attacks in the future. The very foundation of our democracy is free and fair elections. Please protect my vote. Thanks for taking my call.


Demand that Civitas Denounce Hate:

A web site owned by the Civitas Institute,, ran a piece on DACA that used hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric to characterize NC Attorney General Josh Stein. Instead of disavowing hate speech and severing ties with the web site, Civitas director Frank De Luca instead blamed the group who called attention to this: “I’m sorry Policy Watch was offended by it, but they’re easily offended. We would never intentionally be derogatory towards anybody or any religion or ethnicity.” De Luca should be sorry that his group sponsored hate, not sorry that Policy Watch was offended. Citizens of conscience are offended by hate speech. De Luca’s assertion that his group would not “intentionally be derogatory” is patently false. Let’s let Civitas know in a full-throated voice that we, too, are mightily offended by hate speech. Since Civitas owns the site, it is responsible for its content, period. Background:…/under-t…/article173557671.html

Rather than offer a script, we provide a sample from the essay in question, as well as contact information for Civitas and NC Plott Hound. From the essay:

“…he [Stein] is acting in accordance with the worldview and ethnic interests of his own particular group– i.e., those within contemporary Judaism. Stein is a reform Jew.
That worldview is tilted dramatically toward multiculturalism. And as I explained in a post here last year, his own identity group played a critical role in opening to (sic) floodgates to immigration from non-Western nations approximately a half-century ago. They literally wrote the bill that did this when Lyndon Johnson was president.
Why did they do this? According to Kevin MacDonald, Jewish Americans were serving their own ethnic interests by seeking to weaken the power and influence of American Christians whose ancestors had come from western nations.
And we thus gain insight into the reasons Josh Stein is likely trying to protect Islamic immigration from terror-prone countries; and also why he is attempting to protect illegal Hispanic immigration. Those from within his own ethnic group want the Christian majority with roots in western countries to be numerically diluted.”

Civitas Institute:
(919) 834-2099
805 Spring Forest Rd., Ste 100
Raleigh, NC 27609

Civitas on Twitter: @NCCivitas
Frank De Luca on Twitter: @fxdeluca
Carolina Plott Hound on Twitter: @NCPlottHound