Protect the Americans with Disabilities Act:

The ACLU is sounding warning bells about HR 620, a bill that would significantly weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act. Rather than requiring businesses to proactively ensure that they comply with the provisions of the ADA, the burden would be placed on individuals who are denied access. They would have to contact the business and describe how their civil rights were violated and then wait six months to see if the business has made “substantial progress” toward resolving the problem. The bill is being promoted as removing unnecessary burdens on small businesses, but this is actually a direct assault on the civil rights of people with disabilities and this bill goes completely against the grain of how we as a nation have enforced civil rights law. This is a bad bill on multiple levels.

Hello, I am a constituent calling from _______________ to ask Rep. ___________________ to oppose HR 620, the so-called ADA Education and Reform Act. This bill would significantly weaken the civil rights protections for people with disabilities, making it more difficult for them to access goods and services that many others take for granted. In particular, rather than requiring businesses to proactively ensure that they comply with the ADA, HR 620 would place the burden on people with disabilities to demand that businesses comply. People with disabilities deserve the same rights to visit local businesses as anyone else, and HR 620 actually puts those protections in jeopardy. Please ask Rep. _______________ to vote against it. Thank you for taking my call.


What About the Rohingya?

In majority-Buddhist Myanmar, a Muslim minority faces ethnic cleansing, yet we barely hear about it in the media, let alone from our politicians. Myanmar’s leader, Aung Sun Suu Kyi, won the Nobel Peace Prize, but wholesale burning of villages, forced exile, mass rape, and indiscriminate killings are happening under her watch to what have been described as the world’s most persecuted people. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya are pouring into already impoverished Bangladesh, and while there is no easy solution to this conflict, we must demand to hear more about their plight, both in media as well as Congress.


I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Rep./Sen. __________ to speak out against the atrocities occurring in Myanmar against the Rohingya people. Mass exile, destruction of villages, rape, and killing have been reported, although journalists and aid workers have been banned from the area. Please use whatever powers your office has at its disposal to bring attention and change to this the terrible plight of what many call the world’s most persecuted people. Thanks for taking my call.

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Say No to Judicial Gerrymandering:

HB 717 is a terrible bill that would rewrite the districts used to elect judges in North Carolina. The specter of gerrymandering--already under such negative scrutiny for our legislative districts--raised its ugly head under the auspices of the same GOP lawmakers who run the General Assembly. After the ugly and phony redistricting process and the power grab against Roy Cooper and other areas of the executive branch, some Republican lawmakers want to lay partisan waste to the final branch of government not under their control. We must stop this bill. Bill summary and action:

I am a constituent calling from __________ to urge Rep./Sen. ___________ to vote no on HB 717, a bill that would gerrymander state judicial districts. Gerrymandering has been continually struck down by federal courts and is proving to be wildly unpopular with voters. The proposal to do the same to judicial districts seems calculated to benefit the majority party, further consolidating its lock on power in the state. Please reject this dangerous bill. Thanks for taking my call.

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