THURSDAY 8/24/2017


No Border Wall Funding:

During his bombastic campaign rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, the liar-in-chief threatened to shut the government down if Congress did not fund his border wall, confirming his belligerence as a party leader, his incompetence as a deal maker, and his unwavering allegiance to the ideals of white supremacy. Congress is engaged in delicate negotiations to keep the lights on, and now Trump throws in this monkey wrench. Typically, Ryan and McConnell are mute on the matter, while Trump has support from only the radical right fringe, such as North Carolina Congressman and Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows. Congress should do its job and ignore Trump. After all, as we saw with the Russia sanctions, a Congress united against Trump can do the right thing with a veto-proof majority. Call your reps and declare Trump irrelevant and illegitimate at calling any shots with regards to the budget. There must be no extension of the border wall. Rather, we need humane and reasonable reforms to our immigration law and policy. Background:


I am a constituent calling from ____________ to urge Rep./Sen. _____________ to render Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the government over border wall funding as irrelevant. Budget and debt ceiling negotiations are complicated enough, and legislators should not work under threat from the chief executive. Keep the government running, irrespective of the president. Thanks for taking my call.

No Pardon for Sheriff Joe:

In his hate-filled speech on Tuesday night, the grabber-in-chief all but telegraphed that he will soon pardon disgraced Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man recently convicted and sentenced for repeatedly ignoring court orders to cease rounding up people simply because they fit a racial profile. This hatefully bigoted racist has turned his county into a police state for years while flouting the basic protections of due process, yet Trump calls him a “patriot” and says he will “be fine.” This is unacceptable, and while Congress has no powers to contravene a pardon, high-ranking politicians certainly have a bully pulpit. They must use their voices to censure and denounce the continued appeasement and encouragement to white supremacy offered by our president.


I am a constituent calling from ________ to urge Rep./Sen/ ____________ to speak out against a potential presidential pardon for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This man has repeatedly flouted court orders to cease illegally rounding up people solely for the color of their skin. A court of law has found him guilty, and he must serve his sentence. Instead, the president celebrates this man who stands for nothing more than bigotry and white supremacy. On what side of history will Rep./Sen. Stand?


DC: (202) 224-6342

Charlotte: 704-509-9087

Greenville: (252) 329-0371

Hendersonville: (828) 693-8750

High Point: (336) 885-0685

Raleigh: (919) 856-4630


DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (800) 685-8916

Rocky Mount: (252) 977-9522

Wilmington: (888) 848-1833, (336) 631-5125

Asheville: (828) 350-2437



Oppose an Override of the Garbage Juice Veto:

The legislature perversely passed a bill that would allow private landfill owners to spray the worst gunk that collects at the bottom of their sites into the open air. This process has not been studied, nor is it at all clear that it is safe. In fact, common sense would suggest that it is not. But the legislature never passes up an opportunity to suck up to its fat-cat, big-business donor class. Governor Cooper vetoed this terrible bill, but the legislature is set to veto it on Thursday. Let’s give it one last shot. Call, write, and otherwise let your reps know that this is bad deal for North Carolina.


I am a constituent calling from __________ to urge Rep./Sen/ ____________ to not override the governor’s veto of the aerosolization of leachate bill, otherwise known as the garbage juice bill. This process has not been scientifically studied, and benefits no-one but private landfill owners. It potentially threatens the health of North Carolinians. Please let the veto stand. Thanks for taking my call.

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