MONDAY 8/21/2017


Boycott Breitbart into Oblivion

Steve Bannon waltzes from the White House right back to the editor’s room at Breitbart? Hell no. Let’s go at the so-called “alt-right” “news” site with everything we’ve got. Fortunately, the good folks at Sleeping Giants have been at this for a while. To join their highly successful boycott of Breitbart, you will need Twitter. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Breitbart and take a screen shot of an ad next to some of their content.
  2. Tweet the picture to the company with a polite note asking for the ad’s removal.
  3. Tag @slpng_giants to help them track progress.

Visit Sleeping Giants on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the movement. Hit hate where it hurts the most: in the wallet!



New maps are out, and it’s apple cart turnover. But given that the same clowns drew these maps as the current illegal ones, and that we have no data on how these lines address the underlying problem of gerrymandering, can we trust them? Our guess is no. One theory is that the maps have obvious flaws that can be remedied, making the redistricting committee appear to be responsive to public input. At any rate, public meetings are scheduled across the state on Tuesday. Check the site below to find one near you, and please plan on attending. Meanwhile, let the committee know you are watching what they are doing. Demand that new maps come with complete demographic data and rationale. When the Supreme Court says you are violating the law, that’s serious stuff! Background:

To find local redistricting meetings:

To submit a comment directly to the committee, click here:

Confederate Memorials Must Come Down!

We won a huge victory over the weekend with the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Duke University, but we are not done yet. Still at issue is the 2015 law passed by the state legislature that places serious impediments to removal from public spaces. Let’s continue to push for the repeal of this law, and let’s continue to commend Governor Cooper for his stand against this law.

NCGA Script:

Hello, I am a constituent from __________________. I want Sen./Rep. _______________________ to support Governor Cooper’s call to repeal the bill preventing cities and counties from removing Confederate memorials without NCGA approval. These memorials were an expression of defiance against integration and serve only to honor a racist rebellion against the federal government, and they need to be taken down. Overturning this bill will give cities and towns the ability to remove these statues that are relics of Jim Crow and segregation.

Governor Script:

Hello, I am calling to thank Governor Cooper for taking a strong stand against racism and in support of the rights of citizens to assemble freely. I want Governor Cooper to know I support his efforts to repeal the bill preventing cities from removing Confederate memorials. I am also glad to see him standing against the bill that would allow motorists to run over protesters.

NC House contacts:

NC Senate Contacts:

Governor Cooper:

Phone: 919-814-2000