TUESDAY 8/15/2017


Tell Congress to Demand the Removal of Racists from Trump’s Staff:

On Monday, some 48 hours after the attack in Charlottesville, Trump still cannot name the act what it is: domestic terrorism. On the same day, he lashed out at an African-American CEO who quit his economic advisory council in protest, and mused publicly about pardoning one of the most notoriously racist sheriffs in America. That man, Joe Arpaio, was just convicted of criminal contempt for summarily rounding up people whom he thought might be illegal immigrants. He is essentially the poster child for racial profiling, and a court agreed, yet Trump declared that he “doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.” Never mind the rights of those Arpaio trampled. Trump continues to broadcast in no uncertain times that he is, at his core, a bigot who appeals to bigots. This is why we must keep up the pressure on members of Congress to use the power and influence of their offices to demand that Trump remove known racists and fascists from his staff. Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and Steve Bannon must go. Every minute they remain in the White House is a minute too long. Every second of silence from Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, and the rest is a resounding vote of confidence in their agenda of hate and division.




I am a constituent calling from _________ to demand that Rep./Sen. __________ call for immediate removal of known racists and fascists from the White House. So called “alt-right” counselors Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka have views that implicitly condone and encourage the kind of domestic terrorism that led the tragedies in Charlottesville. It is unpatriotic and unconscionable for Rep./Sen. _________ to tacitly condone their continued employment in our government.


Senator Richard Burr

 Washington, DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (336) 631-5125


Senator Thom Tillis

 Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342 

High Point: (336) 885-0685



Rep. Virginia Foxx

Clemmons, NC (336) 778-0211

Washington, DC (202) 225-2071


Rep. Ted Budd

Advance, NC (336) 998-1313

Washington, DC (202-225-4531


Rep. Mark Walker

Greensboro, NC (336) 333-5005

Washington, DC (202) 225-3065




Remember the “Run Over Protesters” Bill? We Do:

In March, a group of GOP state lawmakers introduced HB 330, a bill that would, in certain circumstances, relieve motorists from liability if they hit protesters with motor vehicles. Now, an argument can be made to defend this bill, since it only covers people in the street without a permit. However, given today’s political climate, which has included the ban of Reverend Barber from the legislative building, politicians avoiding town halls and constituents, and the rise of the resistance, this bill was clearly meant to chill dissent and empower those who would abuse citizens’ exercising their rights to speech and assembly. Sure enough, within days of the unveiling of HB330, protesters caught trucks on video revving their engines and driving recklessly through assembled crowds. Saturday’s tragedy in Charlottesville brings this issue full circle. We are not arguing that local lawmakers caused this act of terror. Rather, we want them to consider how HB 330 may be taken as a “go” signal to the worst among us, who are emboldened by dog whistles and menacing legislation. The House passed this bill, and while it languishes in the Senate Rules Committee, we think it is high time to kill it. Today we direct you to email your representatives in both the House and the Senate, and to write the sponsors of this bill as well. Watch video of a near tragedy in Durham on May 1:http://abc11.com/society/watch-durham-driver-clashes-with-may-day-protesters/1940536/

HB 330 text here: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Applications/BillLookUp/LoadBillDocument.aspx?SessionCode=2017&DocNum=1289&SeqNum=0


I am a constituent writing from ___________. In light of the tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend, I write to you today to ask you to oppose and condemn HB 330, a bill that would exempt drivers who hit protesters with vehicles from liability. While I am aware that this bill would not have applied to the Virginia tragedy, it is my hope that you will use your office to protect the civil rights to assemble and speak, rather than create unnecessary laws that are actually meant to quell dissent. I eagerly await a response as well as a public statement on this matter. Thank you.

Bill sponsors:

Burr;  MillisBoswell;  Clampitt;  Cleveland;  Collins

NC House contacts:


NC Senate Contacts: