MONDAY 7/31/2017


Demand Local Police Condemn Brutality:

Donald Trump once again endorsed brutal authoritarianism when he encouraged police officers to rough up suspects they were arresting. Trump’s comments make us all less safe not only because they put arrestees in danger but also because they promote antagonism between the police and the community. The remarks were widely applauded in the room, but thankfully some police departments have spoken out against them. In fact, the Suffolk County PD came out immediately after the event to clarify that they don’t agree with “roughing up” arrestees. Let’s get our local police departments on the record by asking them to condemn Trump’s endorsement of police brutality and to make that condemnation public.


Hi, I am a _________________ resident and I am calling to find out if your police department has any comment on Donald Trump’s speech in Long Island on Friday in which he openly endorsed police brutality [Wait for answer]. If the ___________ Police Department has not condemned Trump’s comments, I would strongly encourage them to do so. The behavior Trump is promoting would undermine the ability of local law enforcement to build trust with the community and would do nothing to make our community safer. Please condemn these disturbing remarks. Thank you.

Police Department Contacts:

Save the Senate Filibuster:

On Saturday morning, no doubt feeling dyspeptic after a failed health care vote, an imploding White House staff, and a breakfast of steak, eggs, and cable TV, our dear leader took to Twitter to rail against the filibuster rules that he sees as constraining his agenda. For now, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Senate GOP cohort appear to have little patience for Trump’s antics, but given their willingness to pass a health care bill that even they hated, anything is possible in these wild times. After all, most Republicans have been holding their nose at this imposter president only because they thought they could achieve their wild dreams of stripping millions from health care, slashing taxes for the wealthy, and eliminating virtually all oversight of corporations. Therefore, we must remain vigilant. Let’s call our Senators and remind that what John McCain taught them in his heroic speech last Thursday: that rules, norms, traditions, and above all the rule of law matter, and that the best ideas come from careful deliberation conducted in the light of day. Background:


I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Senator _____________ to protect the Senate’s filibuster rules. It may be tempting to change them now, but there are good reasons to maintain the 60 vote threshold that have withstood the test of time. Please maintain the Senate as the final check on complete partisanship. Thanks for takign my call.


The State Board of Elections Wants to Hear from You:

What topic could be more important and explosive in North Carolina than voting rights? We’ve seen voter suppression on a scale that garnered sustained national media attention, and a bitterly contested gubernatorial race that featured some of the worst election dirty tricks in modern history. This is why public comment on new Board of Elections rules is such a golden opportunity, and the folks at Stronger NC have got you covered with a comprehensive toolkit on how to effectively respond. This action takes a bit more work than firing off a resistbot or email, but it is crucial that as many of us follow through as possible. The toolkit tells you how to do it as well as what to say. Most importantly, it gives you the rationale behind the comments. If you are still a bit hazy on the specifics of elections, this toolkit is an easy way to educate yourself. Click here to get started: