TUESDAY 7/25/2017


Save Medicare from Disastrous House Cuts:

Now that the future of the wildly unpopular TrumpCare is highly uncertain, House leader Paul Ryan has dusted off an old favorite of the right: partially privatizing Medicare. His fantasy world consists of a shrunken budget at all costs, so that he, McConnell, and President Trump can proceed with huge tax giveaways to the wealthy and to corporations. Where do the savings come from? The millions of elderly and differently abled people who depend on this essential benefit. Ryan’s plan would raise the eligibility age from 65 to 67 and slash some $500 billion from the program over ten years. In this era of unprecedented wealth and income inequality, why as a nation would we look to further squeeze the least advantaged to help those who need it least? Background:




I am a constituent calling from _________ to urge Rep. __________ to protect and strengthen Medicaid. Speaker Paul Ryan has proposed a plan to drastically slash this benefit that is a critical lifeline for millions of elderly and differently abled Americans in order to fund tax cuts for the wealthy. Please oppose this plan. Thanks for taking my call.

Support Sanctions on Russia:

In a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation, Congressional leaders appear to have brokered a deal that would slap Russia with stiff sanctions for meddling in our elections and for annexing Crimea. Predictably, Trump opposed the measures initially, but appears to have been backed into a corner, and now apparently will accept them. The kicker is a provision in the bill that would require Congress to approve any changes to the measures. In other words, legislators are sending a clear message to Trump: we don’t trust you when it comes to Russia and Putin. In many ways, this bill is the first step GOP lawmakers have taken that indicates their willingness to take Trump on when push comes to shove and we learn more from the myriad investigations about him and his team. Meanwhile, sanctions bills hit the floor of both chambers this week. Let’s call to make sure they pass, and to insist on a veto override if the ever-unpredictable Trump changes his mind and accedes after all to his masters in Moscow. Background:



I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Rep./Sen. _________ to support robust sanctions against Russia to condemn its meddling in our elections and for annexing Crimea. That these sanctions’ removal must be approved by Congress is a welcome provision. I also urge you to override a potential veto of this bill by the President. Thanks for taking my message.


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Demand New Legislative Districts by August 11, 2017

In an extraordinary supplemental brief, one of the plaintiffs in the court case that seeks relief from the unconstitutionally drawn NC legislative districts demands that the legislature draw lines immediately following the opening of its special session on August 3, 2017. Since the original ruling, which has withstood multiple challenges, clearly ordered the lawmakers to immediately remedy the errors of their ways, enough is enough. GOP leaders are clearly stalling, but in an interesting twist, the same plaintiffs are arguing that because the NCGA was constituted using illegal criteria, it is essentially a body of “usurpers” whose every action since the latest gerrymandering is illegal. In other words, all laws passed by this body are null and void. This is clearly not going to happen, but the logic is valid and forces the public to shine a harsh spotlight on the arrogance, hubris, and self-centered will to power exhibited for years by Berger, Moore, Lewis, and the rest of GOP leadership. A hearing has been called at the legislative building for Thursday, July 26 at 1:30 p.m. In advance of that, we have some actions for you. 1) Email your representative and demand new lines now. 2) Email the leaders of the redistricting committee to demand the same thing. 3) Tweet at committee head David Lewis, who was instrumental in drawing the current lines, and demand justice. 4) Tweet to any and all of the representatives who have Twitter. Go for your rep, committee members, and leadership. To read the supplemental brief, click here:


Email script for your rep:

I am a constituent writing from __________ to urge Rep./Sen/ __________ to support the immediate drafting of new legislative districts by August 11, 2017, as called for by the plaintiffs in the court case against the current lines. Courts have ordered our state to immediately remedy our illegal lines, and as a citizen, I demand that lawmakers obey the law.

Email script for redistricting committee members:

I am a constituent writing from to urge Rep./Sen/ __________ to demand that your committee immediately create new and fair legislative districts by August 11, 2017, as called for by the plaintiffs in the court case against the current lines. Courts have ordered our state to immediately remedy our illegal lines, and as a citizen, I demand that lawmakers obey the law.

Email addresses for committee members:


Twitter handles for redistricting committee members:

@RepDavidRLewis @JohnBellNC, @DarrenJNC, @repsarahstevens, @JohnSzoka@JohnTorbett, @BillBrawley, @CecilBrockman@RepJustinBurr@RepTedDavisJr@JoshDobson85th,@NelsonDollar36@adulin, @RepJFB, @RepFButterfield, @Rep_Rosa_Gill@RepHollyGrange,@DestinHall@EdHanes4NC@JonHardister@priceyharrison@kellyhastings1@juliahowardnc,@rephowardhunter@lindapjohnson, @Jordan4NCHouse, @chrismalone3@romo1963, @NCLegBlkCaucus, @electreives, @JasonSaine97th, @RepWray, @larry_rep

This document includes Twitter handles and emails for all NCGA members: