FRIDAY 6/2/2017


Save the Planet

(1) Well, it’s official. Donald Trump is pulling us out of the historic Paris climate agreement, in a speech NPR called “bellicose.” We now stand apart from almost every nation on earth, surely not the kind of American exceptionalism that helps the planet, or our relationships with allies. Every indication is that this decision will mean a demonstrably worse outcome for the future world. Yet, we must not give up. Europe, China, and India will forge ahead without us, and states like California and many municipalities are taking matters into their own hands. Moreover, economics itself will drive change as industries like wind and solar simply provide a better investment than fossil fuels. Here are two actions we can do: 

(1) Today seems like a good time to recommit to environmental causes. The groups listed below are by no means the only ones out there, but they are committed to, among other actions, fighting the administration in court. Let’s pledge our support!

Sierra Club:

Southern Environmental Law Center:

Environmental Defense Fund:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

National Resources Defense Council:

Environmental Working Group:

Greenpeace Fund:

Friends of the Earth:


Earth Island Institute:

(2) Let’s call the Environmental Protection Agency and let them know that we oppose withdrawing from the Paris Accords. We have reports that the EPA is accepting calls and that they WANT people to make their views clear.

Hello, I am a U.S. voter who is profoundly concerned by the decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords. This decision will do irreparable harm to the environment, it will damage our standing in the international community, and it will not bring back jobs. Trump is pandering to a small group of workers in the coal industry and to political isolationists who don’t recognize the value of our global alliances. Please do everything you can to support clean energy. Thank you for taking my call.

Call the EPA: (202)564-4700.


House Budget:

Sadly, the entire NC budget has been written in secret by the GOP. They do not even give the opposition party, let alone the general public, ample time to see what is in it before it is thrust before committees. Thankfully, the Senate and House versions differ significantly, so there will have to be a reconciliation before it becomes law. 
On the recommendation of Representative Graig Meyer, we are suggesting that now and for the next days (until it is passed) that you weigh in with personalized calls and emails outlining what is important to you. Here are a few areas the Democrats think are woefully underfunded in both budget versions:
Schools: there is still not enough money for books, technology, and teacher salaries; meanwhile, the budget funds vouchers for private school education.
Early childhood education is underfunded.
Rural broadband is underfunded. This is one of the only ways rural residents can compete with their urban and suburban counterparts.
Mega sites in rural areas that could attract factories or other job creating industrial sites are underfunded.
Hurricane Matthew relief is wanting, which is a pressing need since the Trump administration has spurned its responsibility.

Again, the key is writing a message that is passionate and personal. NCGA Republicans are increasingly wary of canned scripts. So speak from the heart!

NC House contacts:

NC Senate Contacts: