THURSDAY 6/15/2017


A Health Care Bill Too “Mean” for Donald Trump?

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that our dear leader himself is concerned about all the negative press surrounding the AHCA passed by the House, and he is reportedly pushing the Senate version to the left. This tells us two important things: 1) in their hearts, GOP lawmakers know exactly how this law will affect everyday Americans, and 2) constituent pressure really does work. That is why it is CRITICAL that we ramp up the volume of calls. If you have read these calls to action about health care all week but have not called yet, make today the day!



Hello, I am a constituent from ______________ calling to urge Sen. ______________ to commit to greater transparency for the healthcare bill being crafted by the Senate. There have been no hearings about the bill and no public statements about what is in it. In short, the Senate needs to Show Us the Bill. Also, any bill that does away with Medicaid expansion [or protections for pre-existing conditions, etc.] is completely unacceptable. Thank you for taking my call.


Senator Richard Burr

Washington, DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (336) 631-5125


NC Health Staffer:

Angela Wiles: 202-224-3154


Senator Thom Tillis

Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342

High Point: (336) 885-0685


NC Health Staffer:

Joe Nolan: 202-224-6342




NC Budget: Protect Health Care

In response to the specter of Congress gutting health care as we know it, a group of North Carolina State Senators are urging the conference committee drafting the final state budget to include provisions that would protect some of the most important aspects of the Affordable Care Act, most notably protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and coverage for children up to age 26. These Senators correctly argue that is the duty of the legislature to protect the health and wellbeing of the citizens of North Carolina despite the devastating decisions coming out of Washington. We agree, and urge you to let your representatives and members of the conference committee know. The committee is creating the budget, but the entire General Assembly will have to approve it.


NC House contacts:


NC Senate Contacts:


Tell the NCGA: Visitors Must Be Welcome at the People’s House

On Tuesday, a group of young, mostly African-American activists went to the state house to deliver letters to the GOP leadership calling for the General Assembly to cease and desist all lawmaking since, due to race-based gerrymandering, it is an illegally constituted body. Despite the fact that NCGA law enforcement welcomed the activists into offices, Legislative Services Officer Paul Coble attempted to deny activists access to legislative offices, and even threatened them with arrest. As the activists themselves say, the legislative building and all of its offices belong to the people. Legislators work for us, and these activists were simply delivering a letter. We are calling on Mr. Coble to issue an apology, or at least a clarification. We are also calling on Tim Moore and Phil Berger (whose staffs were more than polite to the activists) to censure this kind of behavior.


A video documenting the visit:



I am a North Carolina constituent calling from _______ to express my disappointment and outrage at the treatment of a group of activists on Tuesday by Mr. Paul Coble, Legislative Services Officer. Although the activists clearly had permission to be in legislative offices, Mr. Coble repeatedly threatened them with arrest. This kind of intimidation is offensive to the principles of open government, of, by, and for the people. I demand an immediate and public apology from Mr. Coble.


Paul Coble, Legislative Services Officer

(919) 733-7044


House Speaker Tim Moore:

(919) 733-3451


Senate President Phil Berger:

(919) 733-5708