WEDNESDAY 5/3/2017



The GOP is still scrambling for votes on Trumpcare. Our Representatives need to know that we will not forget their support for this horrible bill. None of our NC reps are on the fence, and they can only hope a vote won't come to the floor so they don't have to go on record supporting  a bill that would leave millions without health insurance, create high risk pools that would put those with pre-existing conditions unable to afford needed care, and strip basic benefits. 
Let's let them know that we will not forget that, once again, they are happy to put politics above their constituents. 

Hi. My name is ______, I'm calling from zip code _____.  I want Rep. _______ to know how disappointed I am that he/she is willing to vote for a health care bill that would cause millions of people to lose their insurance and do away with many benefits that are currently required under the current law of the land, the ACA. Even if this bill does not come up for a vote, it is disturbing to know that my representative is willing to vote against his/her constituents to simply support a political ploy. I will not forget this, and urge Representative _______ to stop playing politics and work in a bipartisan fashion to strengthen the current ACA. His/her constituents want Congress to stop wasting time on repealing the ACA and get to work on improving it. Thank you.

Rep. Virginia Foxx
Clemmons, NC (336) 778-0211
Washington, DC (202) 225-2071

Rep. Ted Budd
Advance, NC (336) 998-1313
Washington, DC (202-225-4531

Rep. Mark Walker
Greensboro, NC (336) 333-5005
Washington, DC (202) 225-3065

HB 330, The Run Over Protesters Bill

This ridiculous and certainly unconstitutional piece of legislation would exempt people who hit protesters in roads from liability. What, exactly, constitutes a protester? What unintended consequences could result? Why would state lawmakers even consider such a bill? Frankly, they, like their GOP counterparts in Washington, would rather vilify protesters as paid, violent insurgents than actually listen to the will of the people who are tired of their government being hijacked by a few partisans on the far right. Witness another bill, thankfully defeated, that would have classified certain protesters as terrorists.
Because this bill is meant to send a clear and menacing signal to people like those of you reading these words, it is critical that communication about this sound less like a coordinated campaign of canned call scripts, and more like concerned messages from everyday constituents. So use the bullet points to craft your own message. This bill passed the House and is now before the Senate. 
HB 330 full text:

Call/email ideas:

*Say your name and where you live. You are easily dismissed if you are perceived as an outsider.

*Mention the bill number HB 330, and what it about. To minimize divisiveness, call it the “cars and protesters bill.“

*Discuss that the bill could encourage reckless behavior from motorists.

*Talk about a peaceful “rally for a cause” you have been to, and why you went. This could even by a Susan Komen Race for the Cure.

*Discuss the importance of protecting the first amendment. Remind the rep that our nation was born out of protest. It is a fundamentally patriotic act.

Hi, my name is ___________ and I am calling/writing from ___________  to urge Senator ___________  to oppose HB 330, the cars and protesters bill. I have engaged in peaceful protests, connecting me to a long line of patriots and principled leaders who made this nation the great land it is. Thank you for taking my call/email.
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