TUESDAY 5/16/2017



Trump’s claim that Comey had lost the confidence of the FBI was debunked with wide reports that agents, including those had supported Trump, were stunned and fear for the future of the Russia investigation. Trump’s claim in the termination letter that Comey had assured him three times that he was not under investigation seems to experts and Comey associates very likely false.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in apparent violation of his recusal, played a key role in the Comey firing and there is a lot of concern that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was willing to participate in what appears to be an obstruction of justice. This morning, The New York Times Editorial Board wrote an open letter to Mr. Rosenstein imploring him to add his name to a “short, heroic list” of public servants who followed their conscience.
There are also concerns about the new acting FBI Director Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who reportedly told White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus in February that a New York Times story about Trump campaign allies’ contacts with Russia, which turned out to be true, was “garbage.”
All of this information strongly suggests a cover-up and makes it impossible for the American people to have confidence in an investigation led by Trump appointees and allies. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has demanded a special prosecutor and Democrats have used parliamentary procedures to slow down Senate business as leverage to get a special prosecutor. The apparent obstruction of justice in the Russia probe threatens our democracy and must be the first priority of Congress. It is imperative that a special prosecutor be appointed to ensure a thorough investigation we can trust.

Hi. My name is ______ and I’m a constituent in zip code ______. I’m calling to let [Rep/Sen____] know that I think it is imperative that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the President, his ties to Russia and any related obstruction of justice. It is so critical to preserving our democracy that I believe the [House/Senate] should stop working until a special prosecutor is appointed. Thank you.

Senator Richard Burr
Washington, DC: (202) 224-3154
Winston-Salem: (336) 631-5125

Senator Thom Tillis
Washington, DC: (202) 224-6342
High Point: (336) 885-0685

Rep. Virginia Foxx
Clemmons, NC (336) 778-0211
Washington, DC (202) 225-2071

Rep. Ted Budd
Advance, NC (336) 998-1313
Washington, DC (202-225-4531

Rep. Mark Walker
Greensboro, NC (336) 333-5005
Washington, DC (202) 225-3065


The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would dismantle the 2010 Wall Street reform legislation, known as the Dodd-Frank Act. This law created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency committed to protecting consumers and making sure that banks, lenders, and other financial institutions treat you fairly.  Dodd-Frank imposes important rules to rein in the kind of Wall Street speculation that crashed the economy and caused millions of people to lose their jobs, homes, and savings. Make sure your member knows you oppose Rep. Hensarling’s Financial CHOICE Act. 


Hi. My name is ______, I'm calling from zip code _____.  I want to know Rep. _______'s position on the Financial CHOICE Act (H.R. 10)? 
The bill would destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has cracked down on predatory lenders and big banks that break the law and obtained $11.8 billion in relief for over 29 million Americans. This bill would give those predatory lenders and big banks a free hand to exploit American consumers. This lack of oversight led to the 2008 mortgage crisis and 2009 financial crisis during which [I/my spouse/my sibling] lost [my/his/their] [job/house/retirement savings].
I expect Rep. ________ to publicly state his/her opposition to this destructive bill and put the needs of his/her constituents above the desires of big banks and predatory lenders to profit.
Please take down my contact information to let me know where Rep. ________ stands on this issue. I’m eager to hear what he/she decides. Thank you.


Oppose NC Senate Budget Cuts Targeted to Democratic Districts

During its infamous budget session in the middle of the night, GOP lawmakers who were apparently tired of Democratic Senators who were trying to add amendments abruptly ended the proceedings and heading into yet another secret caucus meeting. When they emerged, they announced an amendment of their own to fight opioid addiction, but tucked inside were cuts to education programs in some Democratic districts. This move, done at the last minute, seems purely vindictive, and has attracted national media attention. We should let the Senate leader Phil Berger, Senate Rules chair Bill Rabon, and the Senator who offered the amendment, Brent Jackson, know how we feel about waging partisan warfare with children as the collateral damage. The bill is now in the House, so we should call our House reps as well.

Hello, I am a constituent calling from _________ and I am calling to implore Senator ________ oppose cuts that were made in the NC Senate budget in education funding that were targeted at Democratic districts. Children should not be the victims of partisan fighting. Thank you for recording my call.

NC Senate

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