Friday Morning Action - Friday Feb 17, 2017

Scott Pruitt's vote is likely scheduled today at 1pm. Let's ensure that phones of your Senators are flooded this morning (value: MoC action!)

Call and you can use this script.

Senator Burr: DC office: 202.224.3154, Winston-Salem office: 336.631.5125

Senator Tillis: DC office: 202.224.6342, High Point office: 336.885.0685

Hi, my name is [your name], and I'm a constituent from [City, State, Zip]. I'm calling to express my deep opposition to the confirmation of Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator. May I ask how [Senator's name] will be voting?

[If no]: Please tell the Senator thank you for listening to his constituents. Have a great day!

[If yes]: Scott Pruitt has a long history of colluding with polluters, in particular, the fossil fuel industry, over protecting the environment. In some cases, those polluters were contributors to his campaigns. The Trump administration has expressed a desire to make drastic cuts to the EPA, which will make it difficult or impossible for them to fulfill their mission of protecting the environment for all Americans. Mr Pruitt appears to be the hatchet man sent to make these cuts. Since its creation in 1970, the EPA has been very successful in its mission of creating a cleaner environment for all Americans and we need a strong EPA as we move forward this century with a clean energy economy. Cleaner energy and environment means healthier, more productive workers and a more vibrant economy, and we're already losing pace to others thanks to an anti-clean energy strategy. The administration is promoting a false narrative of jobs vs environment, while the truth is that a move to a clean energy economy results in job growth, and growth of higher paying jobs, and makes us more competitive globally. Instead, the administration wants to prop up legacy dirty industries like coal. I urge the Senator to reconsider his position and reject the confirmation. I will remember the Senator's vote and stance during the next election and it will matter to my vote. 

[if leaving a voicemail]: please leave entire home address to ensure call is tallied.