MONDAY 11/20/17


Stop the Senate Tax Bill:

There are so many things wrong with the Senate version of the tax bill that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. The Senate seems to be wavering on including Obamacare repeal with their version of the tax bill, but that’s certainly a concern. The Senate bill eliminates the student loan interest deduction. The Senate bill, like the House bill, would drive up deficits. But one impact that isn’t receiving much attention is the fact that North Carolina would be one of the hardest hit states in the Senate bill. According to the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), North Carolina taxpayers would pay a combined $669 million more in taxes starting in 2027 because of tax credits used to subsidize ACA enrollment costs. In addition, ITEP has shown that the poorest 60 percent of the population would on average actually see a tax increase due to the Senate bill. We all know the bill is a shell game designed to transfer money to the wealthy, but (semi-politely) reminding Tillis and Burr that NC voters will be especially harmed by this bill might be a useful approach.



Hello, I am a constituent calling from __________________ to ask Sen. _______________ to oppose the Senate tax plan because this bill will be especially harmful to North Carolina residents. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, North Carolina taxpayers will have to pay an additional $669 million per year starting in 2027. The Senate bill will also essentially repeal the Affordable Care Act, which will take health insurance away from millions of people. I want Senator ________________ to oppose this bill.

Investigate the FCC:

House Democrats, including Elijah Cummings and Frank Pallone, Jr., have written the FCC Inspector General, asking him to investigate whether FCC Chair Ajit Pai has been unfairly clearing the way for the Sinclair Broadcasting merger with Tribune Broadcasting. As we have discussed, if the ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcasting were allowed to merge with Tribune, they would control over 200 local TV affiliates, giving them entryway to spread their right-wing propaganda to millions of homes. They would also own WGN and several other cable TV stations (possibly paving the way for the creation of a conservative cable news channel). Cummings and Pallone are especially concerned that Pai’s support of deregulation has unfairly benefitted Sinclair. Let’s call and ask our representatives to support the call and to make clear that we want Congress to oppose these kinds of media monopolies.



Hello, I am calling to urge Rep. ___________________ to support Elijah Cummings and Frank Pallone, Jr.’s statement demanding an investigation of the FCC’s recent actions. Cummings and Pallone want the FCC inspector general to review whether FCC chair Ajit Pai has unfairly used his platform to pave the way for Sinclair Broadcasting to merge with Tribune Broadcasting. I am deeply concerned about the FCC’s role in creating media monopolies that will destroy local coverage and that will weaken the diversity of programming choices and perspectives available to American consumers. Please support Cummings and Pallone’s efforts to demand a thorough investigation into the recent actions by FCC chair Ajit Pai. Thank you for taking my call.

Thom Tillis:

DC: (202) 224-6342

Charlotte: 704-509-9087

Greenville: (252) 329-0371

Hendersonville: (828) 693-8750

High Point: (336) 885-0685

Raleigh: (919) 856-4630

Richard Burr

DC: (202) 224-3154

Winston-Salem: (800) 685-8916

Rocky Mount: (252) 977-9522

Wilmington: (888) 848-1833, (336) 631-5125

Asheville: (828) 350-2437



Class Size Mandate:

This post is from NC PTA groups: Please call your state legislators today to tell them you oppose classroom reduction efforts! Smaller class sizes are a wonderful goal, but because we don't have the infrastructure or funding in place, we'll wind up holding classes in closets and losing our Art, Music, and P.E. classrooms! Help us tell lawmakers to STOP this legislation until we have the money and room to make smaller classrooms a success!


Hi! My name is ____. I'm one of your constituents from _______________. I am strongly opposed to the current classroom reduction legislation that will take effect in 2018. Our county does not have the infrastructure or funding in place to make smaller class sizes work. Without money to hire new teachers, build new schools, and room to place extra classrooms, my child's school will have to get rid of art, music, and P.E. classrooms. This legislation will also force my child's school to combine older classes so that they have larger than ideal class sizes. I would like the legislature to please either delay or abolish this legislation until all of North Carolina has the tools required to make a move to smaller class sizes successful. Thank you for taking my call.

Find your legislator here: