MONDAY 10/2/2017


Restore Funding to CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Whether through actual malevolence or baseline incompetence, Congress allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire. CHIP had reduced the number of children without insurance from 14 percent to around 5 percent. This will have dire circumstances for millions of children and will result in the closure of a number of clinics that serve low-income communities. It’s genuinely shameful that they failed to renew funding for this program.


Here is how the bill will specifically affect North Carolina citizens:…/upl…/2015/02/North-Carolina_Final.pdf

Hello, I am a constituent calling from __________________ and I am deeply concerned that Congress allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire. Sen./Rep. __________________ needs to push for fully funding the CHIP immediately. CHIP has dramatically reduced the uninsured rate for children from 14 percent to 5 percent. And clinics that serve low-income neighborhoods may be forced to close without this federal funding. 9 million children may lose health insurance because of this. Congress needs to steup and take care of its citizens. Thank you for taking my call.

Waive The Jones Act for Puerto Rico:

This 1920 law is quite complicated, but the bottom line for right now is that it will make aid to Puerto Rico demonstrably more difficult. Trump’s 10-day waiver is set to expire, and McCain and Lee have introduced legislation that would permanently exempt Puerto Rico. At the very least, the waiver must be extended. Background:…/352917-gop-senators-introduce-measure-…

I am a constituent calling from ___________ to urge Rep./Sen. _______________ to support legislation proposed by Senators McCain and Lee that would permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act. President Trump’s ten-day waiver is not adequate. Please make sure that Puerto Rico receives all the help it can get during this trying time. Thanks for taking my call.

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